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I've switched usernames. 

I'm now addicted2sweets.</span>

Please go to that username and add me.

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Well, I went to the NY State Department of Labor yesterday and got registered. The people there were really helpful, and the supervisor (whom I will call my boss), Bill, was really nice. Though the papers he gave me to fill out were a lot and quite time-consuming, it was well worth it. He explained to me about the program and said that he will help me find a job. I was really pleased and felt content when I left.

He introduced me to the collection of binders filled with job opportunities in my county. He said it was updated every other day. They are listings of the latest job openings for all positions in every job, then they provide referrals to fill out if people are interested into applying for a certain position. There was two job openings I was considering, part-time positions. Burger King and Salantino's Italian Resturaunt.

My mom took me up to the mall and I went to the food court where Burger King was and filled out an application. It all looks good, because according to the workers already there, they are in desperate need for new crew members since they've been dropping like dead flies since last weekend. I was briefly interviewed by one of the managers, too. When I was done, he said that the general manager will probably give me a call to tell me "what's up." So, hopefully, they'll call me and ask for an interview. I am going to pray that I'll get a call from them tonight or tomorrow night.

I feel like such a business woman, taking calls, e-mailing, filling applications, updating my resume and typing cover letters, etc, etc. I don't recall any time of the day where I ever rested on trying hard to get a job position. Though it can be disappointing at times, I have to say, I like it. It makes good practice for me since I want to work in some office one day. I don't know exactly why, but I enjoy doing it. It makes me feel... professional and "grown-up."

Anyway, I've been doing some research online and all and there's many movies coming out this season that I'm interested in...

King Kong
Big Momma's House 2
Have Fun With Dick and Jane
The Producers
The Break Up
Stranger Than Fiction
Ghost Rider
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I have my reading glasses on for the first time in months, and it's my first time using them for typing an entry to my journal.

The reason why I never had them on before was because I misplaced them months ago and couldn't find them. Mom discovered them in the sofa a couple of days ago.

The computer screen looks so... big now, and gives me like 20 times more quality and makes it easier for me to see what I'm typing. I can see the letters much clearly. I'm not making as many grammarical errors and all. Maybe if I keep them on when I use the computer from now on, it could improve my vision a little bit. It could all explain why I've been sucking at typing lately. Maybe I need reading glasses to help me. I just have to make sure I don't lose them again and place them in a secure area... my back-purse maybe?

Boy, oh boy, there was an intense thunder storm late afternoon yesterday. I was walking to the store to buy a soda, and it was just getting darker and darker out. I had my umbrella and I was talking to a friend on my cell phone (which I've discovered is quite fun to do when walking in a storm!) when I entered in the store. As I came out, I was caught right smack-dab in the storm. It was raining hard, the wind was stronger than ever... I almost lost my umbrella. It was lightning and thundering out. I started running home, laughing and screaming to my friend. We were both cracking up because I was saying "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!" over and over. It was pretty entertaining. Oh, good Lord.

Oh! Guess what? I'm finally studying to get my driver permit. It's about time. Mommy drove me to the Department of Motor Vehicles last Friday and I went to the DMV office and got a driver manual. I'm SO tickled. I've been studying it and reading notes and practicing like crazy. I am just about half-way through the booklet. It's pretty interesting. Mom suggests that I take a driving course in college. I told her that I'll probably wait to get a license and a car after I move out on my own. I've scheduled myself to take my permit the 15th of next month. Hopefully I can get transportation there. In the meantime, I have to study, study, study, study and study. I've already learned about most of the road and highway signs. Now I have to learn the dry stuff about inspections and gross weights and all. Ugh... I'm looking forward to read the drug and alcohol chapter, though.

Checked out a book from the library today at school. It a exploring-careers-type book. I've been using my magical reading glasses to skim though it, and I've found some careers that could probably suit me and be realistic for me to have.
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Jesus Fucking Christ, why are people so hot-headed on everyone else's ass all the time for the smallest reasons?

I am honestly so sick and tired of dealing with people's shit. They just talk right out of their asses and not give a fuck if someone gets hurt or not. They only care about what *they* think.

Pisses me off.

EDIT: Fuck you, sashmy. I hope you go to hell, you hoe. No wonder why people don't add you. You're such a damn snob KTHANX.
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Yo, man, where is everyone? For the last few entries I've entered only a few people have responded. Is everyone on vacation or something or is it because I've been failing to comment in their journals?

If that is the case, then I'll make a promise to comment in every one of your journals today, if I can.

I hope I don't sound sound rude or selfish or anything, I'm just a bit worried is all. I don't want to lose any of you guys on here, since every one of you are very valuable to me and tons more important than any journal entry I've written on here. :)

Anyway, I've changed my background and text color. What does everyone think of it? The background is... ah, well you have to see for yourself. :P It's pretty hot.

Oh yeah, I have less than a month until my bus trip to New York. Yay, baby! ^.^ December 2, I'm counting the days.

Come to think of it, after my trip to the city I have other vacations come up:

Ceaderpoint, Ohio (senior trip)
Florida (in talks, though)
Fall River, Massachusetts/Fort Fisher, North Carolina

I'm tangled with Fall River in MA and Fort Fisher in NC, though. I'm still deciding which one I may go to. Mom said to pick one for my graduation trip.

I've wanted to go to NC for a while but I've kind of changed my mind a bit. I may to go Fall River, MASS because I've wanted to go to the Lizzie Borden bed-and-breakfast house. There's also Provincetown and the beaches and all there, which are effing awesome.

One of my friends wants to go with me to the Borden house because it is supposedly haunted there, because one of the famous murders ever in America occurred in the house in the summer of 1892. ( If you haven't ever heard the story, then I suggest you read about it because it's freaky. Tragic and sad as well, but mostly very freaky.

Anyway, I've finally got an original idea for a fiction piece I'm doing, and yes, it is indeed about the paranormal. I've started on the piece while creating down predictionous (is that a word?) laws that earthbound spirits (ghosts) must follow when they are here down on Earth. It's a collection of laws that I believe they may follow which explains why they do and don't do to the living. Like why they stay here, why they are seen by humans on a certain time of year and time of day and the place where they are seen. Keep in mind that I created the laws myself and didn't copy it from any other book or story or whatever. And these "laws" aren't proven facts but they are what *I* myself, predict. It's basically just a theory that I've created and choose to believe. I'll type out the laws to you guys sometime today.
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I apologize to everyone who read my rant about my mother yesterday. I hope I didn't get anybody upset... I was just frusturated and upset with things going on and I felt the need to talk about it and let it out in the way I felt had to.

My mother and I are fine now, we apologized yesterday morning and we've been cool ever since. It took me a while to ease myself back together during school hours and I was still a bit pissed off but it was all right.

I've got my "cool" back. Yes! ^.^

Well, anyway, fortunately my mom isn't here, she spent the night at her girlfriend's again. So I had the night to my own (with my father downstairs in his apartment).

So besides that, I was busy yesterday when I came home from school. I phoned Dad to ask him to pick me up from school to take me to McDonald's to fill out an application. We did just that... I went inside and filled one in. I probably don't have great chances in MickeyD's too much because there are many people my age trying to get into those places... that's why I'd perfer someplace else where teens don't normally try... like the Bon Ton or TGIFriday's. But, my mom suggested that I'd give the fast-food places a try. I've got Taco Bell/KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut next on my list. I was busy typing out cover letters yesterday. I already had my resume copies so I didn't have to worry about that too much.

Another job I've tried is bell-ringing for the Salvation Army. You know? One of the people who stand in front of the store entrance to Wal-Mart around the holidays and ring those annoying bells? :D That could be me.

I was productive yesterday and I'll be even more productive today. When I come home from school (I walk) I'm stopping by Pizza Hut and KFC/Taco Bell. I believe Burger King is too far away to walk... I'll kindly ask my mom to take me tomorrow when we go to fill me an application out for Salvation Army.

Ohh... I have some other interesting news to share. Dad is taking me with him and his girlfriend on a bus trip to New York City! I am so excited. His girlfriend is an art teacher at a middle school, and they're taking students there to see a play. We're seeing the play called Hairspray. We're leaving December 2, I believe... getting up early and coming back midnight. I also will take money out of my bank account and maybe do a little Christmas shopping.
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everybody!  Despite the fact that it's my least favorite holiday, lol. 

Oh, Kelly, I've been meaning to send you a Halloween card but unfortunately I got side-tracked with a lot of crap.  :)  I'll be sure to send you one for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

To everybody: Have a safe day.  Be good, and don't egg any houses!  *Points finger at each of you*


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Good mornin', ya'll...

Mom went to her partner's house to stay last night, so I was here alone overnight.  I kind of miss having my mom and the dogs here with me to keep me company, but it's nice having some peace and quite once in a great while.

Went to my interview last night at Bon Ton.  Though it wasn't really an interview per sa, the manager did go over my application a little bit and examined the times I wrote down that I'd be available to work.  We chatted for a minute or two and I gave her a copy of my resume and cover letter.  The session wasn't as long as I hoped, but it was worth it.  She said she'd give me a call if she wanted to meet again.

I went to other stores and filled out some applications, too.  JcPenney and Sears.  I met this young woman at JcPenney who worked there and asked her about being hired.  She led me to the place where I could fill out an application.  She was really sweet... and very helpful.  I kind of have my hopes set on that store.  *Crosses fingers*

Oh, and does anyone know that people are submitting their job applications on computers now?!  The two applications I put in for JcPenney and Sears were on computer.  I know, much less-needed information to share, but I thought I could point that out.

Anyway, here's some images of Will Smith and a survey (just because I feel like it :P)! 


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For the past couple of days, I've been doing research on part-time jobs like crazy. I applied to a few places; Vetcor, BonTon, TGIFridays, Things Remembered and JCPenney.

Yeah, I filled out an application for Vetcor online, and I got a call from a woman there, asking to interview me. So I'll check more on that. I told my mom about the company, and she said that I couldn't do it because it involves telemarketing. Well, fine. Whatever. :P

I called BonTon at the mall last night, asking for their part-time position as a sales' associate. They said to come to the store to see the manager to fill out an application AND get interviewed between Tuesday and Saturday at 1-6:00 p.m. Mom says she'll take me up tomorrow to go for my interview. I've decided that I'll wear my nice green turtle-neck shirt with black slacks and dress shoes. I will either pull my hair up in a pony tail or have Mom get it in a bun for me. I think a bun would look prettier.

One slight concern is how I'll get there if I do end up getting the job. Mom can't afford to drive me up there everyday, and it's like 20-30 minutes from where I live. We were discussing it yesterday and she said that I could take the bus there.

Wish me luck, everyone. :)
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Well, well, yesterday was most likely the most uplifting and cheeriest day I've had in quite a long time now.

I was dropped off from my mother to my school's football game around 1:30 in the afternoon. Every year our football team plays against our rival school's football team over this huge antique bell called the Erie Bell. It was fought over the two schools for decades. We've won it three years in a row now. It's unfortunate that this is my first year that I've ever gone to the game, though.

But let me tell you, it was well worth it. The game was so exciting, and so pumped. Honestly, I've never been so excited in a long time. When our team was anounced the winner, a mass amount of the people from our side of the bleacher seats came running through the muddy field to greet and thank the players. I was one of them... and it was awesome. I ran through the field screaming with excitment like a banshee, waving my pom-poms in the air and jumping up and down, my sneakers getting drenched in the wet dirt (it was raining). I walked through and gave high-fives to all of our players and hugged a few of them. I was hugging some boys I've never even seen before saying, "Great job! You're so cool," and "Good game! You guys are effing awesome!"

I mean, my goodness, this was totally unexpected to happen. It was a great day, minus the pouring-down freezing rain part and having to walk home in it! Ugh. Ah, well. I'm just so glad our team won. (It was a very close game, too. It was a score of 6-7!)

So, I got my report card in the mail yesterday. Here's what I recieved for the first marking period...

Participation In Government: 91
Economics: 88
Phys Ed 11/12: A-

My marking period average TOTAL is an 89.

Mom is quite impressed. I haven't shown Dad yet, though. However, I've been telling him the grades I've been getting so I don't see any reason to show him, really.

My goals for the second marking period is to try a bit harder in Economics and gym. Well, I'll definetly try to do better on all of them since there's always room for improvement, but those are the areas I'll focus more towards. :)

Anyway... Ah--yes! I finally finished my college application and turned it in to my guidance counselor. According to her, the school's paying the application fee. Whoo-hoo!

Speaking of college, I was discussing with my mother and her partner, Donna the options I have next year when I'm out of school. They say that since I'm going to college, I can either a); live with them while I'm in college, b); live my dad while I'm in college, or c); try to get my own apartment that's close to the campus. I'm thinking about finding my own apartment. I mean, really... and get a job to help pay for it within the campus (the college I'm going to has job opportunities for students to help pay for their apartment rent, college tutition, etc).

Mom says that Dad probably doesn't want me to live with him (since he's soon aparently moving in with his girlfriend when the rent for our house is due and goes on to the market April 1st) and somewhat, I think she's true. I mean, if he's going to move in with his girlfriend then there's no way he'll really have the chance and time to deal with me much. But whatever. I'm growing to be an adult and starting to hold on my own. I don't need Mommy or Daddy clinging to me much anymore and I'm pretty independent and know what's out there (for the most part!). Yes, I need a little practice and time to test the waters of everything (I am still quite young) but it won't take long. Soon enough, I'll be out there carrying my own stroll. Just give me two to three more years and we'll all see a huge difference from right now.

Anyway, blah--enough blabbering. I'm going to post some more quizzes. I am totally addicted to Quizilla now! ^_^ I think it is like the best quiz site ever.

You are Gabrielle!
You are Gabrielle!

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